SS TMB Update #1

Bonjour, Friends & Family!

What a whirlwind so far! The fearsome foursome had a day in D.C., a red eye flight to spend 23 hours in Dublin, then a flight to Geneva and a bus to Les Houches. Whew. Just getting here was exhausting, and we hadn’t even done any hiking until this morning!

I won’t go into much detail about the travel details, but Dublin was definitely a highlight. We did a taste test of Guinness between D.C. and Dublin, and yes, it tastes better in Ireland.

I’m writing to you from Les Contamines after finishing the first leg of the Tour Du Mont Blanc. The first leg started in Les Houches and after 10(ish) miles and 646m of elevation gain, we made it to our stop for the night. This trail doesn’t ease into anything, we started climbing straightaway – basically following a gondola up the mountain. The smart thing would have been to take the gondola instread of walking, but I suppose that defeats the purpose 🙂 It was a rainy, gray day, but that just gave us a chance to use all of our new rain gear (trying to be an optimist here). Just a minor hiccup this morning as we tried to buy water for the trail, but ended up with huge bottles of “lemonade”, or as we call it, “Sprite”, but definitely not water. Oops.

We just had dinner and are all ready to rest our tired muscles as tomorrow is another big day. We’ll head out at 7:30 to get to Refuge des Mottets, about 13 miles and 1500m elevation away. All is well with the crew – more updates to come!

Lots of love to ya’ll.


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